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Practice Areas II


One area of my practice that I urge you to consider is what I call "Preventative Law". I would like to encourage so many of my clients and potential clients to participate.


Simply put, we do many things in life to prevent something bad from happening. We change the oil in our car before we damage the engine. Many of us go to our doctor for an annual checkup, or the dentist for a regular cleaning. Yet, for example, many do not consult with an attorney before they sign a contract, enter into  a real estate transaction, or get into financial difficulty long after it could have been avoided.  This is where "Preventative Law" has its place.


I will provide a 1/2 hour office consultation about any legal issue you wish to discuss. This time spent before you act can prevent   a complicated and expensive solution later!




I have handled countless numbers of real estate transactions - the purchase and sale of residential property as well as commercial property, sometimes including the businesses that are within the commercial property. Please consider me for your next real estate transaction.


If you are a financial institution, I have experience providing you with commercial and residential loan review. If you do not handle review in-house, then please feel free to discuss your needs with me.


Other matters where I provide representation include landlord-tenant matters, estate administration and related litigation, if needed, and certain municipal court matters.


Please feel free to contact me for more information, fees and for representation! 

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